The Journey.

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Source: The Journey.

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Non–attachment – the Key.

Non-attachment is the key to contentment and inner peace.

Source: Non–attachment – the Key.

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Human Intelligence & Reason.

Human Intelligence & Reason..

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NOTICE regarding the book The Milk Is White.

CLICK HERE  to access the book and information about how best to read it and other connected material.

May your journey be a successful one.

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Neoption at 5.09 a.m. 23.03.13. : The Only Reality.

The messenger.

The messenger.

The only reality is that we exist in Spirit as one and project the perceived reality.

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Pointless Pointing.

The messenger.

The “mind” does not grasp the abstract reality. Hence, the moul does not understand. Therefore, pointing to the abstract reality is pointless. It is best that the entity discovers it for itself.



NOTE: This is a post conclusion entry because it is relevant to the older posts here but your attention is drawn to the earlier post CONCLUSION.

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The messenger.

*Thought creates,

Creation manifest,

Thought manifests.

*In these three lines is the answer to all questions about all things.

So, what is going on? What is Thought? What are we? Why are we here?

The answer is IT.

*IT – the indescribable and undefinable.

Although it is commonly conceived as such IT is not light, yet IT is not dark

or darkness – IT is simply without light. IT is neither light nor darkness.

*As IT, we, individually and collectively, imagined and imagine what we

perceive to be reality. We exercised and exercise our creative imagination

and in this fantasy we play out our fantastic experiences and lessons, in

lifetime after lifetime on the treadmill of the fruitless cycle of birth and

death, in imaginary bodies, until we relearn our real status and end this selfimposed,

tedious cycle.

We then find the immeasurable tranquility of our pristine state.

* Extracts from The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III


Of you, the reader, I ask, ‘Quo vadis?’ and to you I say, ‘May this phase

of your journey be a very successful one.’

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