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Ian Gardner was born on the 20th February 1934 in Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, and christened Basil Ian Gunewardene. He was born two months prematurely and nearly died five times in his first two months. He moved to Australia in September 1969 where he changed his surname to Gardner. From childhood, he had an enquiring mind and an innate interest in the supernatural. Since 1986, nineteen years of regular periods of meditation, "searching within", reading and revelations have culminated in this free book which has been nine years in the making. Further writings followed and all his writings are available to all on the Internet free of charge. There is more information in the preface of the book.

Human Intelligence & Reason.

Human Intelligence & Reason..

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NOTICE regarding the book The Milk Is White.

CLICK HERE  to access the book and information about how best to read it and other connected material.

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Neoption at 5.09 a.m. 23.03.13. : The Only Reality.

The only reality is that we exist in Spirit as one and project the perceived reality.

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Pointless Pointing.

The “mind” does not grasp the abstract reality. Hence, the moul does not understand. Therefore, pointing to the abstract reality is pointless. It is best that the entity discovers it for itself.     NOTE: This is a post conclusion … Continue reading

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*Thought creates, Creation manifest, Thought manifests. *In these three lines is the answer to all questions about all things. So, what is going on? What is Thought? What are we? Why are we here? The answer is IT. *IT – … Continue reading

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Making things happen.

There is no need for anyone to make anything happen on Earth: individual and/or collective thought will do what is needed by one and all.

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Karma – a distinct probability.

It is very probable that karma can be expiated, or mitigated, by one which caused mental and/or physical pain to another and, by this visualisation, experiencing the physical and/or mental pain experienced by the other. Furthermore, a genuine surfacing of conscience, empathy and sympathy … Continue reading

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