The Milk Is White

Over two thousand years ago a Hindu sage said that, irrespective of the colour of the cow, the milk is white. He was alluding to the fact that there is but one spiritual Truth irrespective of which Master expounds it – and I quote:

The Amrithabindu Upanishad:

The milk of cows of any hue is white.
The sages say that wisdom is the milk
And the sacred scriptures are the cows.

The book The Milk Is White and its sequel The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III bring together the essence of the teachings of the major spiritual Masters and show how the Truth (Reality) embodied in these teachings can be applied in one’s life to achieve peace and joy. It is the result of one person’s lifetime search for the meaning of life as we know it but, because of the universality of its content, it is recommended to anyone who seeks the spiritual Truth (Reality).

The insights presented in Part Two of the book postdate the writing of  The Milk Is White and qualify and/or expand upon its contents as do the subsequent, and continuing, writings in The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III.

These writings answers questions such as:

What am I?

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is the purpose of life?

It is a combination of spirituality, psychiatry and psychology and will help solve all problems and challenges presented by life. It presents the path to true happiness and fulfilment. The more it is referred to, read and absorbed the more beneficial it will be.

Authorship of This Material (1).

1. If a reader were to ask me what I think or feel about what is written herein or in “The Milk Is White” my answer would be that I do not think or feel – it is what I am. Thinking is of the mind and feeling is an emotion. Similarly, if I view this authorship from Ian’s perspective I am humbled but amazed at what I have produced; however, if I view it from my perspective it is nothing – it is just something that is.
2. If a reader wonders how an ‘ordinary person’ (that is one not dressed in robes, with long hair and a beard and living a monastic life) can be responsible for this material the answer is that, for me, it is the result of an unprompted “inner welling up” – sometimes in response to prior intellectual input, sometimes in response to observations but, mostly, spontaneous. When putting these into words what seems to happen – and this is very difficult to describe – is that the normal thinking process changes; there seems to be a change of focus or a shift in dimension – perhaps what one might call an altered state or a shift in consciousness; a sort of tunnel vision in thought accessing the information and expressing it in words clearly. Often it takes considerable effort to get the ‘perspective’ right and then communicate it accurately.
3. Hitherto known only to a few, and mentioned here only because it may be of help or interest to the reader, is some information from psychics.
I have always been sceptical about past life readings as I thought, and still think, that anyone could tell me that I was once Julius Caesar or Cleopatra, or anyone else, and I would have nothing to substantiate the statement and, therefore, dismiss it. However, in January 1995 I felt a need to go to the Aquarius Festival because I felt that the negative vibrations I was feeling from the commercialism of the Gold Coast could be alleviated, if only temporarily.
At the festival both a Tarot reader and a numerologist effectively told me that an opportunity was coming up which I should grasp with both hands. Within two months, a series of events occurred which took me to Maleny, a place whose vibration was conducive to the emergence of The Milk Is White.
As I walked around the grounds I saw the sign of a past life reader and, despite my scepticism, I was drawn to her booth but about three times but it was crowded. Eventually, she was free and I went to her in an exploratory frame of mind and, unexpectedly, during her description of the first past life, something resonated deep within me as a result of her description of my then “unusual” method of teaching and my current thoughts on the matter. The impact was sufficient to make me weep and, as she continued, the weeping occurred frequently to me as well as to her. She said that all this was too strong for her and at one point she had to rest.
What she described first was me as a teaching Master in Greece; secondly, as a much loved Hindu Master in India whose funeral, which she described, was attended by thousands of mourners; thirdly, as a female ‘spiritual’ temple dancer in Greece during the period between the end of Atlantis and the start of the Greek cultural period. She described the dancer’s hair and it was exactly like the hair I had seen some two weeks before when I was seated behind her in a car when she was on her way to a wedding. I had thought at the time in the car how exquisite her hair looked.
There was also the time when I called on a psychic friend in an attempt to find the answer to a teasing question that I had. After this, more or less as an afterthought, she communicated with her spirit friends about me and, during this, mention was made that Mahathma Gandhi had been very keen on my writings and had learned a lot from them. Apparently, my name as that author was Spiro* but I could find no reference to such an author anywhere so I went back to this psychic. She sought clarification of the Spiro name without success but she was told, “He was once a messenger, so what he writes is correct.”
If the above is true it may explain my present ‘talent’ but, apart from that, it is of little consequence as what matters is the present. What is relevant is the sum total of all past lives as expressed in the present.
Note 1: When past lives are read it is only those, out of thousands, which are relevant to the present life that are given.

*Note 2 [23.03.13.]: re Spiro mentioned above c.1965.

Ever since the psychic reading above I have tried to find the elusive answer to the question of Spiro and a few months ago, when doing something totally unconnected, I came across a reference to Baruch Spinoza, or his writings, and was struck by their similarity to mine and what appeared to be a like mind. On investigating a little more, and considering related facts, it seems evident that the name conveyed indistinctly to my psychic friend was Spinoza and not Spiro.

Authorship of This Material (2):

In 1985, a psychic correctly described the dozen or so books I had and twice said, “There is no need for you to read these books as Spirit will give you this information.”
Later, in October 1995, I asked a psychic for an explanation of the, till then, often repeated presence in my dreams of a one time friend. For simplification, we called her “The S Factor.” The psychic did an I Ching reading that read as follows:

It is like a fire that comes from the depths, and blazes up, illuminating and beautifying the mountain. Consider the substance that lies beneath the surface. Appearances count for little in this. If there is any S Factor that requires addressing it is to advance your own creative energy.
Because you are in harmony with your Higher Self – which could be viewed as the S Factor – she being as an ideal or an idea – it is in your better interests/higher work to be forthcoming into the public arena. The “S Factor” is that of the channelling through the wisdom of the inner self – which is Yin, the feminine, through to the outer, thus being as the fire on the mountain.

The psychic explained the reading as follows: ” the fire of the molten lava coming up from inside the mountain and being deposited on the outside.”
Not until the writing of the book “The Milk Is White”, which commenced in March 1996, did I make the connection with these readings.


March 2011 message from Allan of Paranormal Mind:

A good friend of mine Derek Olson, is very impressed with your book, The Milk Is White: “He said” wish I read this book 20 years ago, and saved my time and efforts with all the other literature.

September 2020 message from John Riminton of Christchurch, New Zealand:

Having now really read through The Milk is White I feel that
I must congratulate you on your life understanding and your very real
gift of explanation.  I think you have achieved greatness as a teacher.

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  1. Mridula says:

    Loved this post, absolute truth!

    • Ian Gardner says:

      A big WELCOME to you Mridula, feel free to explore the rest 🙂

      • Mridula says:

        Yes sure 🙂
        By the way, if U can please read Impressions, thanks

        • Ian Gardner says:

          I had a look at your article *Impressions *but it is too long for me to read. Sorry about this but since 1996, when I completed *The Milk Is White*, I have been unable to read anything longer than a few short paragraphs. From the little I read I got the feeling that your self-image is not very good. If so, there is never any need for this because we are what we are and can do something about any negative feelings we may have – if they are warranted. Let me know, by email, if I am even slightly correct. Bye for now, Ian. [?]

          • Mridula says:

            😀 That was purely a fiction only and nothing to do with my self -image, may be because I wrote it in first person, that U got such an impression, I guess!
            I would like U to read it fully if possible , it is not that long actually…. take care

  2. Ganesh says:

    Very nice! I will go through this interesting book. Thanks for following my blog, 🙂

  3. Ian Gardner says:

    What do you mean by ” . . . renewing your site” please?

  4. Ian Gardner says:

    It could be more helpful if you bookmarked this CLICK.
    May your current journey be fruitful.

  5. Aliza says:

    I truly cherished reading through The Milk Is White and The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III – the purpose of life. | The Journey up the mountain., cheers for the wonderful information. Merely telling you that I am spreading the excellent work about your website; I already posted your website to reddit and StumbleUpon. I hope that will help you get some additional targeted traffic.

    • Ian Gardner says:

      Dear Aliza, thanks are due from those who benefit from what you have done – but they may not be aware of your thought and actions. However,that does not matter for if you help just one person that is great. 🙂

  6. Serafina angeles says:

    Interesting banter I’ve bookmarked the page on Digg under “The Milk Is White and The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III – the purpose of life. | The Journey up the mountain.”. Cheers!

  7. glass says:

    silly still trendy

  8. Ian Gardner says:

    You can read all at the web site of my writings HERE.

  9. website says:

    Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  10. Ian Gardner says:

    May it all assist you on your journey 🙂

  11. extraction thimbles says:

    Thank you for being our mentor on this topic. My partner and i enjoyed your own article greatly and most of all enjoyed reading how you handled the areas I regarded as being controversial. You happen to be always quite kind to readers like me and help me in my living. Thank you.

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  24. leon marhab says:

    your blog is most informative and enlightening. people need not agree with your ideas but all the same it provides for great insight. it is difficult for me to understand why this blog is not as popular as it should be. But i’m pretty sure it is because you never bothered letting it out much. I share your fascination with the human ability to perceive with individuality.

    • Ian Gardner says:

      Hello Noel,
      An interesting comment! As regards its “popularity” what should be is. There are divers reasons why some things get noticed and some do not but those who need it will find it either in my writings or elsewhere. “Seek and you shalt find.” is correct.
      My writings are on numerous web sites but I do not “promote” them: I simply make them available. I am also not interested in numbers as to turn the head of one is a multitude (to quote a Cayce reading).
      In view of the thinking behind your comments may I suggest that you read the book The Milk Is White? Access is via my WP page or via THIS.
      May this journey of your be a success.
      N.B. We must remember that only a minute part of the Earths present population is seeking spiritual enlightenment; the rest are either beset by inertia or are pursuing futile goals in the material world in the mistaken belief that they will find “happiness” there.

      • leon marhab says:

        Thank you sir. I feel honored to have received such a reply. Without doubt I shall read this book.

        • Ian Gardner says:

          Hello Leon – I did not realise that you had used Leon in reverse in you email address 🙂
          Please do not feel honoured as there is no difference between you and me.

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