Creating Our Future.


The messenger.

The mistakes we make do not come back to haunt us, they lie ahead – waiting!
Waiting for us to face the same choices again, but then with greater wisdom.


About Ian Gardner

Ian Gardner was born on the 20th February 1934 in Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, and christened Basil Ian Gunewardene. He was born two months prematurely and nearly died five times in his first two months. He moved to Australia in September 1969 where he changed his surname to Gardner. From childhood, he had an enquiring mind and an innate interest in the supernatural. Since 1986, nineteen years of regular periods of meditation, "searching within", reading and revelations have culminated in this free book which has been nine years in the making. Further writings followed and all his writings are available to all on the Internet free of charge. There is more information in the preface of the book. February 2020. My search - my journey, is now complete.
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3 Responses to Creating Our Future.

  1. Ian Gardner says:

    Reader, this, from “The Milk Is White”, may answer your query. Consider the tiles to be wisdom.
    More tomorrow.

    24.10.10. Sorry, I forgot to include the extract from The Milk Is White yesterday!

    What we do as we move forward can be compared to us laying down paving as we absorb and apply various principles and as we shed our negative aspects and attitudes and replace them with new and positive ones. The path itself is, within general parameters, already set down before us but in setting the paving tiles in place by our efforts we are slowly, one by one, consolidating our path and giving it a definition. It may well be that at times we falter or take a step backwards, but the tiles remain in place and give us a firm footing when we tread there again. We never destroy what we have created in this way even if we slide back a long way and return tired and bruised but a lot wiser.

  2. Reader says:

    Is wisdom carried forward by re-birth or is it achieved from scratch in each lifetime and erased by death?

    Does that mean destiny is a source of wisdom?

    • Ian Gardner says:

      Destiny is the result of one’s state of being of which wisdom, like ignorance, is a part.
      Does the extract above, from The Milk Is White, answer your first question?

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