The Purpose of Human Life.

The messenger.

The purpose of human life is the dissolution of the soul and the revelation of the Spirit.

About Ian Gardner

Ian Gardner was born on the 20th February 1934 in Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, and christened Basil Ian Gunewardene. He was born two months prematurely and nearly died five times in his first two months. He moved to Australia in September 1969 where he changed his surname to Gardner. From childhood, he had an enquiring mind and an innate interest in the supernatural. Since 1986, nineteen years of regular periods of meditation, "searching within", reading and revelations have culminated in this free book which has been nine years in the making. Further writings followed and all his writings are available to all on the Internet free of charge. There is more information in the preface of the book. February 2020. My search - my journey, is now complete.
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10 Responses to The Purpose of Human Life.

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  2. Reader says:

    To: That Energy Guy…


    I see nno point in asking the question ‘What is the meaning of Life?’..

    Even if we simply go by the concept of energy, Life is self-evident and permits only an ostensive definition.

    Like, what is the color blue? The answer is to point at something and say, ‘This is’…

    There is no meaning of life. To a question what is life, the answer is ‘This is’…

  3. Sorry for the long answer – everyone wants a short answer, but no one wants a short life.

    Here’s an objective answer based on modern science that reconciles with ancient scriptures and spiritual writings.

    It shows that at its most fundamental level, everything – yes absolutely everything you see and experience – is made of energy. Everything, including life, is the result of this energy, its flow and interaction. Scientists have even shown how the flow of energy created life and how life helps the energy of the universe, planet and you flow and balance.

    While the purpose of all life might be to help energy flow, the same laws of energy indicate that a meaning of your own life is to find how your energy flows best. Is this science echoing those scriptures that suggest you have your own unique ‘gift’ that you should use?

    A large part of you is energy. While the 25 chemicals that comprise you are the same as those in everyone else, the way energy is mixed with them is different in each of us. We all have bodies with similar brains with a similar number of nerves in each, but the way those nerves are connected is different in each of us. The experiences, learnings and resulting nerve connections are unique and are what makes you whom you are – makes your character and personality. Science can’t precisely tell you how your character and personality works, but you know you have one that stares at you from the mirror each day, you know it exists.

    As such, a major part of you is energy, in particular how your energy flows and balances – as well as how it interacts with the world around you. What does your energy enable you to do best? This can be as simple as determining what you are truly passionate about or what you do better than anyone else.

    Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of what this is. As such, the individual meaning of your life is for you to discover what makes your energy flow best and then how to do that. How you use energy best varies for everyone – therefore, everyone has a slightly different meaning to someone else. Ignoring this means your energy will be all mixed up and your life will be chaotic. This is what most scriptures and spiritual writings are trying to tell us, but just didn’t understand energy well enough. If you look at ancient scriptures and spiritual writings in terms of energy you start to realise that they, and modern science, are all saying something similar.

    Whatever you believe, whether you agree with the science or not energy is integral to life. Yet few of us ever consider this and the difference that in doing so can make to your life – and how it can explain the meaning of your life.

    Science is also beginning to show how. It shows that energy has at least three purposes and associated meanings:
    • Conveying and exchanging information,
    • Enabling change,
    • Doing work.

    Do these laws of energy similarly suggest that a meaning of your life is to find and convey information and then use it to bring about change through some sort of work? Is this science echoing those scriptures that suggest your soul perfect itself, live a good life, attain higher states and be perfected in every dimension?

    In short, while the purpose of all life is about helping energy flow, spread and balance, your individual meaning is about determining how you do this best, what you do that helps your energies flow best.

    Find out more – and vote on what you think the meaning of life is – at

    • Ian Gardner says:

      Hello That energy guy,
      re. para starting with It shows that : Correct.
      re. para starting with while the purpose: The only way to crystallize this understanding is to remove the barrier that is mind. Essentially it is quite simple but the mind is, most often, incapable of grasping the fact.
      re: A large part of you : All matter, when broken down to its fundamental state, is found to consist of energy.
      re. As such, a major part of you is energy: As immediately above.
      re. Science is also beginning to show : Rely on science and you limit your knowledge. The mind has its limits and science, since it still relies on the mind, is therefore limited. As I have pointed out it is not possible to find the in finite through the finite.
      May I suggest that further comment by you awaits your reading of the Hindu vedas, the Upanishads, the teachings of the Buddha (Siddhartha) and what I have written. Since my writing is a synthesis of the teachings of the major masters to which I have added more that I have discovered, and it is all contained in under 500 A5 size pages you do not have to read for over 60 years to have enough to keep you busy for a long time. My friend, this is well meant; it is given with great good will.

  4. Parmaatma says:


    This is the problem with my knowledge of English.

    When I express something in English it doesn’t touch my feelings. And that bypasses my own emotional evaluation.

    The same thing, if I express in Marathi, Kannada or Sanskrit, would have the strength and integrity of my own character. I mean something of me in it.

    What is the purpose of the spirit? Why should a human being strive to reveal the spirit? What purpose does that serve?

    Following is parable I heard in my childhood.

    A great mass of people gather on a certain auspicious day near a temple. It is the day that the Lord appears to His devotees.

    A priest is delayed in his journey and decides to walk across a farm to make it to the temple in time.

    He finds a farmer ploughing his field and scorns at him.

    “Evil man!” he says, “Today is the day of our Lord. You must stop all earthly occupations and meditate of the lord. Come with me. The Lord will be at the temple soon.”

    The farmer bows in respect and says, “My humble apologies, Sir. If I don’t sow these seeds today, they will not catch the water from the streamlets at night. And we shall be left without food for the season.”

    “Curse on you!” says the priest and walks away.

    The farmers wife and children come to him and say,

    “Pa, let us go to discover the Lord. He will provide for us.”

    “Sure children. You go ahead. I shall come as soon as I have discovered the secrets of this earth.”

    “Curse on you!” say the wife and children and go away.

    At the Temple, when the doors open, the devotees are shocked to see that the idol of God is missing. There is an empty enclosure with no sign of any divinity.

    In the field, the farmer digs up an idol, keeps it under a tree and proceeds to plough the land.

    The moral was: Worshiping does not come through renunciation. Sanyas Yoga is good. Karma Yoga is better.

    My question is:

    What is the purpose of the spirit? Why should a human being strive to reveal the spirit? What purpose does that serve?

    • Parmaatma says:


      You said revel not reveal.

      Sorry. I think I am getting old. Got to slow down.

    • Ian Gardner says:

      What is the purpose of the spirit? You are spirit and, as spirit, you have no purpose as such. You ARE . . . . . = the I AM.
      Why should a human being strive to reveal the spirit? I do not know what you mean by “revealing the spirit” but the answer to your question is the simple one of returning to your true state because the alternative is dukkha. Your questions indicate an enquiring mind but one unwilling to take the time to learn, digest and arrive at progressive enlightenment. There are a lot of things that the human mind – the moul – cannot comprehend!
      What purpose does that serve? Explained above.
      I do not see “worship” of anything or anyone as necessary, beneficial or relevant. Neither the Christ nor the Buddha asked to be worshipped!

  5. MonaLisa says:

    Hmm…what’s the difference between soul and spirit?

    • Ian Gardner says:

      MonaLisa, generally speaking only the term “soul” is used but because I have explained this in greater depth it became necessary to use both “spirit” (the “God-self” if you like) and “soul” which, whose stop gap meaning can be “spirit with encumbrances – or human characteristics. There is more to this differentiation which you will learn as you read what I have written e.g. soul and moul. Are you reading it?

      • MonaLisa says:

        Thank you for clarification. That’s what I thought. Spirit= The purest form and….
        Soul = spirit with encumbrances.
        However Spirit is generally and widely used for Ghost and I didn’t want any silly mix up in my mind/thought process. 🙂

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