The Ice-blue event 14.1.20.


On 14.1.20.

At about 3.45 this morning, as soon as I settled in the meditational posture I found myself in this incredibly beautiful, ice blue space: there was nothing there but it was absolutely, incredibly beautiful and I looked around in wonder.
My head and neck were there and I could look around freely – at nothing, at an incredibly beautiful nothing. The Earthly dimension with its universes was where my body was.

Further to my post of 14.01.20. below I now have an explanation which some may comprehend and this is it:
Firstly, this quote of mine.

As the droplet is to the ocean,
I am
As the lick of flame is to the fire,
I am
As the sunbeam is to sunlight,
I am
As the Great Spirit is,
I am

Note: The droplet, the flame and the sunbeam are metaphors for the Great Spirit which, in turn, is a metaphor for the collective state of being of us all as Spirit entities: the “Oneness”, the “Christian, “One with God.” as it is termed elsewhere.

These three metaphors are encapsulated in “I AM!” . . . . . . . . . . . . and it is this Great Spirit, this Oneness, this collective state of being, that I experienced, in all its ice-blue glory, in the predawn quietude of 14.01.2020.


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The Journey Up The Mountain

The Journey Up The Mountain consists of my first two writings, the book “The Milk Is White” and “The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III” which are presented in the bar above in the correct reading order (with only a link provided for the book).

Subsequent writings are Consider This and Challenging Questions? – both WP blogs the links to which are provided below.

This blog is the complete list of posts from The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III.
IMPORTANT: These posts should be read in the order earliest to last* as very few will understand a lot of the latter posts without learning from my previous writings.


There is also my WordPress blog Consider This – more of a social commentary than one on the purpose of life. For this click HERE.


Challenging Questions? for which click HERE.

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re. The Milk Is White – the book.

March 2011 message from Allan of Paranormal Mind.
A good friend of mine Derek Olson, is very impressed with your book, The Milk Is White: “He said” wish I read this book 20 years ago, and saved my time and efforts with all the other literature.

September 2020: John Rimington says: I want to congratulate you again on an outstanding achievement that deserves a wide readership and give you my grateful thanks for making it available
to me.

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Visualise a small stream – a brook, of clear water . . . . . . hear it! 

See the bottom of the stream with grains of sand rolling along with the current, the water riding over or around stones and rocks, the bits of debris drifting by . . . .  the light shining off the surface ripples.

What lies beneath what you see? Beneath the water, beneath the sand?

What lies beneath the water, beneath the sand is more water flowing in the same direction.

We have two streams!: the seen one and the unseen one flowing to the ocean!

Such is life: there is the perceived stream and the subconscious stream – the Earthly stream and the spiritual stream flowing concurrently to their common destiny . . . . . . . intertwined.

IMAGINE the activity.

REALISE the confluence.


Ian Gardner, 18 November 2020

❄︎  ❄︎  ❄︎  ❄︎  ❄︎  ❄︎  ❄︎  ❄︎

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The significance of the ice-blue colour in the Ice-blue Event.

The ice-blue colour in my Ice-Blue Event evoked in me the extrasensory awareness of the spirit collectiveness of our extraterrestrial existence.

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The ICE-BLUE EVENT – further clarification. 23.8.20.

The ICE-BLUE EVENT – further clarification.  23.8.20.

The ice-blue “Space” is where we all are completely still: our original state, our normal state which some of us left behind when we created the Earthly universe/s for our self-indulgence – hence the biblical exhortation, “Be still – and know that I am God!” except that there is no god*: there is only the “I am”. This stillness is not to be confused with, say, the stillness that water, or what we discern as water, can attain because the water is actually in a continual state of motion, it’s atoms vibrating continually.

“Entry” to this space requires a return to this stillness – this state of being and this Ice-Blue Experience is merely by way of explanation of the “mechanics” of our individual state of being and the goal of our numerous, perceived, sojourns in the earthly field of the Earth.

*When something is beyond our understanding we have attributed it’s cause to a god: something like us to which we can relate rather than something abstract.

2.32 a.m. 23.8.20.

                                                     ❈     ❈     ❈     ❈     ❈     ❈     ❈ 


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THAT ICE-BLUE SPACE – why the ice-blue colour?


I realised very recently that I had not told you the significance of the colour in the Ice-Blue Space.

This is it: There being no “space” as such the colour is only to signify or symbolize something to the viewer and, in this case, it is a feeling, a sense.
N.B. There is no space because space has dimensions – it is an Earthly construct*.

* From the OED/Lexicon
A Construct: An idea or theory containing various conceptual elements, typically one considered to be subjective and not based on empirical evidence.

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The Ice-Blue event: a further explanation.

Added 2 July 2020.
With reference to “the collective state of being” it may assist in one’s comprehension of what is meant/involved in “entering this ‘space’ ” let me say that it is, up to a point, like the process of osmosis where a membrane separates two liquids and that from the “heavier”* liquid passes through the membrane into the lighter liquid.
So it is with us as spirit: as we shed our Earthly needs and desires we lose our density (so to speak) and, eventually, are able to, and do, pass through the barrier separating us from our origin**.

* that having the lower density.
** The biblical “heaven”.

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Who or what is “God”?

Who or what is God?

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Moral Weakness.

Moral Weakness (Fotor)

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More understanding.

More understanding

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